I’ve been collecting toys on and off for the past few years and I’ve recently been hooked to DSLR photography. And happily these two passions can be combined and this blog is the end result.

BTW, I already have two existing photography sites at and at (pardon the shameless plugging!) with pictures taken by my trusty ole’ D40x but those are more of a gallery.  In here I would share my thoughts on photography, my discoveries, the competitions that I join (if any), and all things that I like about photography.  At the same time I would also blog about my humble toy collection and share some of their pictures.  I would be posting mainly my Revoltech collection, my Batman action figures, Happy Meal toys, Shell model cars along with gadgets, gaming consoles and anime (thus the ++ after the blog title).

Well, that’s enough for my intro, and on to the pictures and toys! 🙂


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