The Mabuhay Manor Sponsored Photoshoot

Last Feb. 26th, we were invited to participate in a photoshoot at The Mabuhay Manor. Afterwards, our photos were submitted and winners were selected among the entries for 3 categories: Manor, Food and Collage.

Two of my pictures won 3rd place in the Manor and Collage categories. My wife won 2nd place in the Collage category as well.

Here are my winning entries:

Israel Vinuya - Poster - 03 by israelv

Here are the rest of my entries for each categories:
Israel Vinuya - Manor - 03Israel Vinuya - Manor - 01Israel Vinuya - Food - 01Israel Vinuya - Food - 02Israel Vinuya - Food - 03Israel Vinuya - Poster - 01
Israel Vinuya - Poster - 02Israel Vinuya - Poster - 03

Mabuhay Manor Photoshoot, a set on Flickr.

Thanks to our fellow Nikon Club Philippines member, Allan Benolarao, for inviting us and to the generosity of Sir Dennis Sebastian for giving us the VIP treatment throughout the day!


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