Scott Kelby’s Fourth Annual Worldwide Photowalk: Intramuros, Manila (Picture Set #2)

As my wife and I bravely press on, enduring the never-ending rain and the ticking clock (we only have less than an hour left for our Photowalk), we discovered this creepy-looking garden.

Creepy Garden by israelv
Creepy Garden, a photo by israelv on Flickr.

But amidst all this creepiness was a very moving and touching monument. It was called the Memorare and it is dedicated to all the innocent victims during The Battle of Manila in 1945.  The monument was excellently done and you could almost feel the anguish and weariness of the depicted victims. My wife actually was uncomfortable while viewing this.

Memorare Monument by israelv
Memorare Monument, a photo by israelv on Flickr.

So we left this solemn scene and moved on to other subjects to lighten the mood. We caught site of this cochero and calesa at the edge of the garden and we took shots of them.

Calesa & Cochero by israelv
Calesa & Cochero, a photo by israelv on Flickr.

Next and final stop, Real Street.

FYI: For the first set of pictures, please check out the first post here.


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