My entries placed 12th & 14th in the Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for Feb. 2012!!!

The race is on for NCP’s PotY 2012! All internal club turmoil aside, I’m still having a blast in the monthly photo contests. And I’m especially happy since two of my entries made it to the Top 20! 🙂

  • NCP PotM February Theme: Silya

Here’s my entry which placed 12th:

It was actually Lei’s (my wife’s) idea to shoot this picture at this angle.  We were waiting for my D40x to be repaired at Hidalgo so we went to check out SM Carriedo. We saw these people sitting on the stairs and my wife told me that it was a great subject for the February theme. I agreed!
Here’s my other entry which placed 14th:
My subject here is a gift given by my sister Maan to our parents during their Wedding Anniversary more than 10 years ago! And in the background is one of the toy houses of Thea, my niece.
Next month’s theme: Happy Pinoy

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