Wolverine Pop!

Next to Batman, my favorite superhero is Wolverine. Last week, I bought this cute Wolverine Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Head from NewHavenPH.com. Last Sunday, I took pictures of it. Last night, I combined the pictures on Lightroom using a template I downloaded from Kelly Colson Photography blog.

Here’s the end-result 🙂

Wolverine Pop! by {israelv}
Wolverine Pop!, a photo by {israelv} on Flickr.

I’m really pleased with the final image and I’ll try to use more templates with Lightroom for my other shots. Actually, I’ve noticed that in spite of the name of my blog, Pix n’ Toys++, I haven’t really posted much toy pictures lately (The photos I’ve posted are mostly travel shots so they are in the ++ part of my blog title). So I’ll try to be more in the spirit of my blog title and would try to post more shots of my collection.


One thought on “Wolverine Pop!

  1. hi! would you know where can i buy one of these? i've been looking everywhere here in the philippines where i can buy but i could not find any store selling it. 😦 i looked in the site of NEW HAVEN where you bought yours but apparently, i think they don't have a stock i think.


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