Instagram for Android: Finally!!!

After waiting for what seems like an eternity, the app that changed mobile phone photography has finally arrived for Android devices. Get ready for Instagram for Android. Download it now at

Here’s my first ever post using my GALAXY mini Android phone (I used to transfer pictures on my iPod touch via Dropbox so I can upload them to Instagram and it sure was a hassle!):

Thanks to the Instagram developers for porting this excellent app over to Android!!! 🙂

BTW, this will in no way stop me from using Lightbox since I love the community built around Lightbox, plus  I also have a wonderful photoblog at (pardon the shameless plugging!) and I enjoy using the cool filters of their Android app. For me Lightbox and Instagram actually supplement each other. If I feel like using the square format then I would go for Instagram. If I wanted to post in the traditional format then I would go for Lightbox. In the end, either we use Instagram or Lighbox, the photographers in all of us would end up being winners.


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