Back-to-Back Citations!

It was a very hot day and my wife and I were having dinner at Pizza Hut. We were exhausted due to the extreme heat. As we waited for our order, I checked facebook on my iPod touch. There were a lot of notifications. Upon reading them, I happily informed my wife that we both made it to the shortlist of The Galing Photographers Amazing Bokeh Theme. My wife shouted for joy while I stomped my hand on the table so hard that others from a nearby table stared at us.

Here are our entries:

Some time later, as we continued to eat our pasta, we checked our facebook and my wife got the nicest surprise of all when she learned that her entry won the “Amazing Bokeh” Theme!!!  At the same time, my entry made it as the First Runner-up.  So we ended up celebrating both our wins! 🙂

Here’s the entry of my wife:

Here’s my entry (the one in the left which I entitled “Hanging by a Thread”):

But wait there’s more! My wife yet informed me that another entry of mine made it to the Longlist of Benjamin Arthur’s Daily Photography Genre Challenge for Thursday’s NATURE Challenge! 🙂

Here’s the Longlist:

And here’s “Sammy the Turtle”, my entry:


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