My Google Plus account finally shows signs of life!

I’m a big fan of Google Plus. When it first rolled out I was one of the first in line to sign up for it. Google finally approved my request last year and I was so happy like a boy receiving his first toy. Technically, Google Plus beats facebook in so many areas. The simplicity of its UI, like other Google products, is simply superb. So I happily shared some of my pictures since most of my few initial followers and people that I follow there are photographers. But sadly I get no feedback. I still mostly get all feedbacks from my photos in facebook. Facebook still beats Google Plus in that department. Facebook is simply alive, whereas Google Plus is a little quiet, at least for some.

I have quietly abandoned my Google Plus account until a few weeks back when I started my Circle-adding frenzy. Then I started sharing my pictures again. And now slowly but surely I’m getting several feedbacks and that much sought after +1s.

This is one of the best feedbacks that I have received for my Boracay Sunset picture and it came from PhilippineSunday:

After that very humbling comment, I felt great motivation again to use Google Plus to interact with my fellow photographers around the world.


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