My entry was given an Honorable Mention by IPicture for April’s "Everyday Life" Theme

For some reason, I woke up early this morning, around 4:30am. I checked my facebook and all drowsiness was immediately gone as I read a post from IPicture congratulating me for being given an Honorable Mention for April’s “Everyday Life” Theme.

Here are some notes from the judges:

israel’s photo has a story to tell with a poster of a hopeful politician on the 1st sidecar…works oddly well with the politician’s enthusiastic campaign smile but in reality, poverty has always been part of the 2 pedal-cab driver’s everyday life…well done israel on your honorable mention merit 🙂

… the top 24 are the ones who got the most # of votes among our members & others 🙂 hon mention naman is picked from the general album regardless of the # of votes 🙂 …

Here’s my entry, “Power Nap”:

Again, thanks to IPicture and I’m truly honored by the citation!


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