Lightbox: A Great Loss!

I just can’t believe that Lightbox is closing down on June 15th! I will sorely miss my online photo journal, the great filters for my shots and the great interaction within the Lightbox community.  That last bit will be the one thing that I would miss the most. I remember thinking how great the comments are from fellow photo enthusiasts from all over the world. I can’t help but compare the comments that I receive or the lack thereof in facebook.

I first discovered Lightbox last year when I was looking for an Instagram equivalent for Android. Upon downloading Lightbox, I discovered not just a great photography app but a thriving community of mobile photographers.  I never had that same experience with Instagram.

As they say, all good things never last and I will try to still post shots in Lightbox until that fateful day when it will finally shutdown on the 15th of June.

Here’s my info on

And here are some stats on my Lightbox page:
My shot of Lego C3PO and R2-D2 in Baguio is still unbeaten and is still my most liked pix, followed by the Red Rooster and the Last Leaf.  For the rest of my shots, please head on to, while it’s still up.

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