My entries placed 2nd & 11th in the Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for May 2012!!!

Finally, after waiting for a long time to see which among my three entries made it as the 2nd and 11th place in  Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for May 2012, the winning entries have finally been revealed!

  • Theme for NCP PotM for May: MULTITUDE

Here’s my entry which placed 2nd.  My wife, Lei, and I just came from visiting the newly-opened Chinatown Mall and we were looking for a ride home. Unable to find any, we walked on the elevated pedestrian walkway from Reina Regente to Jose Abad Santos across Recto. While on the overpass, and with my camera tighly clutched, I was able to take this picture of the jeepneys snaking their way amidst a never-ending sea of buyers and commuters along Recto and all the way to Tutuban Mall.

Here’s my other entry which placed 11th. It was really my wife who took this picture so this win is for her! 🙂 This is another shot from the same overpass but on the other side of Recto. This crowd is actually very light in comparison with the throng of people during holiday season.

For all the other winning entries, you can check them out here:

Next month’s theme: SEASCAPES


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