Walking the Scott Kelby Photowalk at Whangarei, New Zealand


Finally, after four years my wife and I were able to join our second Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. And this time, we even took our friends with us. Sadly, there was no nearby walk for us to join in Auckland so we all decided to go the “nearest” one in Whangarei and it took us almost two hours to get there.

Special thanks goes to Melody, who patiently drove us and even baked some yummy banana choco muffins with almonds for us.  Thanks for being so ever calm and composed throughout the ride.  Thanks as well to Xai for graciously allowing us to use her car as our official transport for the day.

We arrived at a quarter past five, just in time for the assembly. After some quick group shots, everyone went on their way to walk and shoot on the path to the giant fish hooks.

After two hours, we were all huffing and puffing as we went back to Reva’s for the final group assembly. We were all hungry by that time, so we thanked and bade the group farewell and immediately scoured the streets of the city centre for a place to eat.

We found this South African place which quickly reminded us of Nando’s but actually made us forget about Nando’s after we tasted their lemon & herb sauce. We all wished that they would have a branch in Auckland. Someday perhaps.


After dinner, we happily cruised along the motorways back to Auckland, underneath starry, starry skies.


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