Auckland Public Art: Litte Girl & Baby Elephant, REO and a Balancing Sculpture

The Auckland CBD is a shutterbug’s dream.  Everywhere you go there is art that you can appreciate and take a photograph of.  Stroll along and you can always find something of interest.  Just don’t forget your camera so you’ll be able to capture those moments.

Here are some of them. Please click on each picture for larger versions.

On the road to the Auckland Art Gallery we saw this sculpture of an animal, not sure which one, balancing on lips and a sphere. Does anyone know any information on this sculpture?

On the way to the Auckland Library, are three big letters — REO. In Māori this means language, dialect, tongue or speech.

Last one was a bronze statue of a little girl dancing with a baby elephant. We’ve seen this sculpture some months back and finally I’m able to take a photograph of it. It was so cute and very well done. Hope to know the name of the sculptor, some day.

That’s it for today.  Till our next stroll.


One thought on “Auckland Public Art: Litte Girl & Baby Elephant, REO and a Balancing Sculpture

  1. The little girl appears to have gray alien eyes. 🙂 I like metal sculptures, at least the ones that actually look like something like what you illustrated. There’s an artist, I think he lives somewhere around Salt Lake City, Utah (US), who sculpts figures of family life and they are round and about SLC. And, oh, by the way, thanks for stopping by my fstop-fantasy and following.

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