IT Geek • Hobbyist Photographer • Photoblogger • Casual Gamer • Bookworm • Comics Fan • Humble Toy Collector • Movie Buff • and Pizza Lover!!! 😎favicon_16x16

Hello everyone!  My name is <israelv> and welcome to my photoblog!  As an extension of my love for photography and toy collection, I’ve started pix n’ toys back in 2011 on the Blogger platform ( I’ve been posting regularly ever since but due to my busy workload I was forced into a blogging hiatus around 2014.

I’ve got loads of pictures but unable to post them.  A year after, although still busy at work, I’ve happily gone back to blogging.

PBA2012BTW, one of my proudest moments in 2011 was during the time when pix n’ toys was nominated as one of the Photoblog finalists in The Philippine Blog Awards.  I didn’t win the award, and i know that it’s cliche, but being nominated is still a great honor for me.

I would have continued blogging in Blogger but sadly that platform didn’t improve in any way ever since Google bought it (And I have such great hopes.  Oh well…).  Wordpress is miles ahead in terms of features. The gallery feature alone is enough for me to consider migrating to WordPress.  And that I did! (W)

Just for fun, I have even created my very own portfolio site at Please do check it out.

So welcome to the new home of my photoblog and hope you enjoy the posts and pictures. I would appreciate any comments that you will provide and please keep those Likes coming! 😉


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