Nikon Auckland Photo Day


If you are in Auckland today, get your cameras out and start shooting away.  Just be sure to get those shots in by 11:59pm tonight (Auckland time).  It’s just sad that the day is dark and gloomy. Anyway, we’ll just have to make do with it.

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KiwiPinoy Connection Photo Contest Finalist

I’m so happy to have been selected as one of the finalists for the KiwiPinoy Connection Photo Contest.  The theme is “Filipinos enjoying life in New Zealand whether at work, play, school or at home”.

I would appreciate it greatly if you could like my entry. Please click on this link and please like the picture: Continue reading KiwiPinoy Connection Photo Contest Finalist

CCY: Week #5 Gold Star Award and Features

So happy and honored to have been granted the Gold Star Award! Thank you so much Cee for hosting these challenges! 🙂

Cee's Photography

Welcome to our  Gold Star Award and Features for Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge (CCY).   These bloggers all deserve a second or third look for their entries to  Week #5 Leading Lines Challenge.

The week’s CCY theme is Week 6:  Horizontal Line and Horizons

Awards and Features

Gold Star Award

5-gold-starsThis week’s Gold Star Award is granted to Pix n’ Toys and is new to my challenges.  Pix n’ Toys has been on Blogger for a long time recently switched to WordPress.  I really liked the wide range of leading lines used for this challenge, both with the straight lines and “s” lines.  Here is one of my favorites photos.  Such great use of  great leading lines, trees, painted lines, buildings and traffic all leading your eyes to one place.

Photo byCCY #5 Gold Star Winner - Pix n' Toys Photo byCCY #5 Gold Star Winner – Pix n’ Toys

Note:  CCY Gold Star Award is awarded to one blogger each week…

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Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge Week #5 Leading Lines

Recently discovered Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge ( Thanks Cee for hosting these fun challenges! 🙂 Continue reading Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge Week #5 Leading Lines

Weekly Photo Challenge: Duck Crossing

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful.”

Duck Crossing

My entry was included in the Hall of Fame Top 24 for November’s "Reflection" Theme by IPicture

My entry made it as one of the Hall of Famers for last month’s “Reflection” Theme in IPicture! 🙂

When my wife and I traveled to Baguio early in the year, the Pool of Pines easily became one of my favorite subjects. It has that quality that soothes and relaxes you. The reflection of the outreached trees is truly mesmerizing.

Can’t wait to be back…

Reflections by israelv
Reflections, a photo by israelv on Flickr.

Here are the other Hall of Famers:

My entry made it as a Finalist on StreetSideMoments for 11/26/2012

Yey! My entry made it as one of the finalists for StreetSideMoments on 11/26/2012. My entry is the one on the center and it’s a shot of a concrete-mixer truck.

Here’s my entry again in a larger size:

Mixing It Up by {israelv}
Mixing It Up, a photo by {israelv} on Flickr.