Rainbow Lorikeet

Open Lates is back at the Auckland Zoo.  We made it again this year.  This rainbow lorikeet is one of the most colorful birds that I’ve ever seen.  Very aptly named.


Karekare Falls

“To the Bat Tub”

Auckland Day Fireworks

During last Sunday’s event, we made it just in time for the fireworks.

Around Auckland

My first attempt at a little planet.  I used my landscape shot of Auckland.

Starry, starry camp

When we arrived at the campsite, we had dinner, then when most are asleep I tried doing astrophotography.  Here’s one of my attempts.

View of Auckland Skyline from Motutapu Island

Last Friday, my wife and I along with our two friends went on a long hike to Motutapu Island via Rangitoto Island.  After more than five hours, we finally reached the camp site. It was very tiring, at least for me, but the views made it all worth it.