Anjalee & Burma at Auckland Zoo

Let us meet the two elephants at the Auckland Zoo, Anjalee and Burma. Anjalee is the younger of the two and she is just 9 years old.  Burma is 32.

Check out more info on Anjalee & Burma from the official Web site of the Auckland Zoo:

Anjalee 1Burma 1Anjalee 2Burma 2Burma & Anjalee


A Zeal of Zebras

Just learned that a group of zebras is called a zeal. There are just two zebras at the Auckland Zoo so they are not really a group but they are still more than one so I guess I can still call them a zeal.

Zebra 1Zebra 2DSC_6303Zebra 4

Rainbow Lorikeet

Open Lates is back at the Auckland Zoo.  We made it again this year.  This rainbow lorikeet is one of the most colorful birds that I’ve ever seen.  Very aptly named.