“This isn’t the clown we’re looking for!”

Oh oh, Commissioner Gordon will be making a wrong arrest! 🙂




“To the Bat Tub”

The Dark Knight

Batman is my absolute favorite superhero of all time!  And I have a humble collection of Batman figures.  Here are some of them.

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World of DC Comics 2015: Play Arts Kai DC Comics Variant Figures Set 1

My wife and I were roaming around SM Bicutan while waiting for Dad to pick us up. Upon descending to the basement, we found this World of DC Comics exhibit. Great! Time to shoot some figures.

Who lurks in the night…

Who lurks in the night... by israelv
Who lurks in the night…, a photo by israelv on Flickr.

Batman is my all-time favorite superhero!  BTW, I also have a Batman-related Tumblr site. Please check it out at: http://minionofthebat.tumblr.com