Road Trip 2015: Matthews Vintage Collection Set 1

Continuing on with my Road Trip 2015 series, one of our stops was the Matthews Vintage Collection.  It has cars, stationary engines, tractors and farming memorabilia.  Originally, it was not in our list of places to go to but once we found out about it, we decided to go.

Here are some of the pictures I took of the vintage items there.


37th National Mustang Convention

mustang-convention-poster_hr_smallThe Mustang is one of my favorite dream cars. When I worked in the US years ago I had the pleasure of renting a ’96 Mustang and I’ve been fascinated ever since. A few months ago, I was also able to watch the Mustang 2015 documentary, A Faster Horse.  It was a great watch.  Highly recommended!  So little wonder then that when I learned about the Mustang Car Show this month, I made sure that me and my wife would attend.

And that was last Saturday.  My wife and I was able to attend the Mustang Car Show at ANZ Viaduct, North Wharf.  We were planning to attend at around 2pm but sadly we fell asleep and we arrived 30 minutes before closing time (Entrance was now free). We made the most of the remaining  time and we were able to take pictures of some of the great Mustang cars that were in there. Here are some of them.