Movie Review: Green Lantern

We were able to watch Green Lantern this evening and I’ve got to say that we did enjoy and had fun watching it! I know that negative reviews abound for Green Lantern, and I don’t care.  Being a GL fan I have got to see the movie for myself.

Ryan Reynolds is a good choice for Hal Jordan.  From the comics Hal seems to be a super serious guy (even from the old SuperFriends cartoon) but Ryan brought his comic charm to the character and made Hal likeable.  Mark Strong delivered a very, ah, strong performance as the soon-to-be arch-villain Sinestro.  His lines are superbly delivered that I relish every limited screentime of his.  Geoffrey Rush as the voice of Tomar Re brought a certain dignity and honor that would make you believe and respect a fish-faced Lantern. And about Kilowog, what could I say, Michael Clarke Duncan was born to be the voice of Kilowog, ’nuff said!  Angela Bassett, Tim Robbins and Peter Sarsgaard also brought outstanding support roles.

The action is great, the effects are nice and the story, though quite simple, is effective enough to keep us hooked throughout the movie.  Even though so many critics bash this movie, as a comics and movie fan, this superhero movie has delivered the goods for me.


Movie Review: Fast Five

Fast Five by israelv
Fast Five, a photo by israelv on Flickr.

Last Wednesday, we watched the latest entry in the Fast & Furious franchise and we were not disappointed. This is the best entry so far, and we’re looking forward to the next installment.

Everyone is back (well, almost): Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris and Sung Kang. Plus we’ve got Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson providing additional muscle as he pursued our gang while they try to topple a Brazilian boss.

Just be sure to watch the end credits before you leave the cinema 🙂

Movie Review: THOR

THOR by israelv
THOR, a photo by israelv on Flickr.

I was like a kid as I sat watching THOR in 3D. The scenes of Asgard was truly breathtaking especially in 3D. Kudos to those special effects wiz for fully realizing a grand vision of Asgard. The story is solid as it takes us to Asgard and to Earth and back.  And to the great cast, I have nothing but praises! Special mentions go to Chris Hemsworth, whose great physique and royal stature truly embodied the God of Thunder, and to the always great Anthony Hopkins who is very aptly cast as the great Asgardian King, Odin. Plus, don’t miss the appearance of a certain archer. Finally, thanks to Kenneth Brannagh, a brilliant director, for excellently bringing the epic world of Thor to the big screen. I just have three words for all of you: Go see it!