My entries placed 2nd & 11th in the Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for May 2012!!!

Finally, after waiting for a long time to see which among my three entries made it as the 2nd and 11th place in  Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for May 2012, the winning entries have finally been revealed!

  • Theme for NCP PotM for May: MULTITUDE

Here’s my entry which placed 2nd.  My wife, Lei, and I just came from visiting the newly-opened Chinatown Mall and we were looking for a ride home. Unable to find any, we walked on the elevated pedestrian walkway from Reina Regente to Jose Abad Santos across Recto. While on the overpass, and with my camera tighly clutched, I was able to take this picture of the jeepneys snaking their way amidst a never-ending sea of buyers and commuters along Recto and all the way to Tutuban Mall.

Here’s my other entry which placed 11th. It was really my wife who took this picture so this win is for her! 🙂 This is another shot from the same overpass but on the other side of Recto. This crowd is actually very light in comparison with the throng of people during holiday season.

For all the other winning entries, you can check them out here:

Next month’s theme: SEASCAPES


My entry placed 6th in the Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for Mar. 2012!!!

Finally the winning entries for March PotM has been posted in the official Nikon Club Phil. forum and I now know which of my entry made it to 6th place 🙂

  • NCP PotM February Theme: Happy Pinoy

It was actually my wife, Lei, who spotted these children during our field service. Their smiles really captured the essence of the theme for March. Well, except maybe for that one little frowning kid at the corner 🙂

For the other winners, you can check it out here:

Next month’s theme: Creative Shadows

Sunday Surprise: My entry made it to 6th Place on NCP PotM for March 2012!

Last Sunday, as my wife and I were having coffee at Brownies Unlimited, I checked my fb on my iPod touch. I then read a post from Nikon Club Philippines on the results of the Photo of the Month for March 2012. I clicked the link to the official forum and I was so happy with the results. One of my picture entries made it to 6th place!!! The only catch is I don’t know which of my entries was selected. I guess they would publish it after the Photo World Cup judging this coming weekend.


My entries placed 12th & 14th in the Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for Feb. 2012!!!

The race is on for NCP’s PotY 2012! All internal club turmoil aside, I’m still having a blast in the monthly photo contests. And I’m especially happy since two of my entries made it to the Top 20! 🙂

  • NCP PotM February Theme: Silya

Here’s my entry which placed 12th:

It was actually Lei’s (my wife’s) idea to shoot this picture at this angle.  We were waiting for my D40x to be repaired at Hidalgo so we went to check out SM Carriedo. We saw these people sitting on the stairs and my wife told me that it was a great subject for the February theme. I agreed!
Here’s my other entry which placed 14th:
My subject here is a gift given by my sister Maan to our parents during their Wedding Anniversary more than 10 years ago! And in the background is one of the toy houses of Thea, my niece.
Next month’s theme: Happy Pinoy

I placed 3rd in the Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for October 2011

I’m happy and surprised to have placed 3rd in the NCP PotM last October. This is a picture I took of scrapbooks that I placed on top of each other in the lobby of The Mabuhay Manor. My wife and I just had our free breakfast and while resting I took some shots of several items in the lobby.

Here’s the theme for October:

October Theme: Seeing double
Description: Photo of two identical subjects.

BTW, in addition to placing 3rd, I was again glad to learn that another entry of mine made it to the Top 20. This is a picture of two orders of our favorite dish at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel branch of Mr. Donuts — the Spam combo meal. So my wife and I were able to eat our favorite meal plus its picture placed 18th as well. Not bad! 🙂

NCP PotM Oct. 2011 - 18th Place by israelv

Thanks again to Nikon Club Philippines for hosting this photo contest!

I placed 7th in the Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for September 2011

I’m so happy to learn that one of my entries for the NCP PotM last September was able to place 7th in the photo contest.  This picture of the chef in action was taken at the Sutukil during our Mabuhay Manor photoshoot.  Our Mabuhay Manor photoshoot was really so worth it considering that my wife and I already received two free breakfast buffets and a free P1000 gift certificate at Sutukil which we won for the photo contest held after the photoshoot.

Thanks again to Sir Dingdong Sebastian, the former manager at Mabuhay Manor, for accomodating us and to Allan Benolarao for inviting us in the photoshoot in the first place! 🙂

BTW, here’s last month’s theme:

September Theme: At your Service
Description: Portrait of people who serve us everyday.

Finally, thanks again to Nikon Club Philippines for hosting this photo contest!