I placed 12th in the Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for November 2011

I could not believe that the Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month photo contest had concluded and a friend of ours had already made it as the Photographer of the Year (Congrats Annidy!).

I can still remember last February like it was yesterday as I nervously sent my first three entries to the photo contest. During that time I was happy just to be able to participate since it was my first time to participate in any photo contests. But I never made it to the Top 10 until June when I placed 3rd for my Oblation picture entry. I was happy and getting confident about my photography! 🙂

Then in July two of my entries placed 5th and 16th. Not bad. August was not a good month for me since none of my entries made it to the Top 20.  In September, I’m back in the Top 10 as my Flaming Chef picture entry made it to 7th place. Last month in October I was back among the top when my Identical Notebooks picture entry made it to 3rd place and my Identical Spam Meals picture entry made it to 18th place. My last entry for the year didn’t finish as strong as I wanted to but at least I still made it to the top 20 🙂

Here’s the theme for November:

November Theme: Sound of Silence
Description: none

And that’s a wrap. I would work more on my photography and who knows, I might be able to win that elusive first prize next year! 🙂

Thanks again to Nikon Club Philippines and congratulations on a successful year!


I placed 3rd in the Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for October 2011

I’m happy and surprised to have placed 3rd in the NCP PotM last October. This is a picture I took of scrapbooks that I placed on top of each other in the lobby of The Mabuhay Manor. My wife and I just had our free breakfast and while resting I took some shots of several items in the lobby.

Here’s the theme for October:

October Theme: Seeing double
Description: Photo of two identical subjects.

BTW, in addition to placing 3rd, I was again glad to learn that another entry of mine made it to the Top 20. This is a picture of two orders of our favorite dish at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel branch of Mr. Donuts — the Spam combo meal. So my wife and I were able to eat our favorite meal plus its picture placed 18th as well. Not bad! 🙂

NCP PotM Oct. 2011 - 18th Place by israelv

Thanks again to Nikon Club Philippines for hosting this photo contest!

Thanks Mr. Gilbert Monsanto!

It’s great when someone you look up to likes your picture.  And that happened to me when one of my favorite Pinoy comic illustrators, Gilbert Monsanto, liked my 7th place picture entry from the Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for September 2011.

Thanks again Sir Gilbert and more power to Bayan Knights!

Check out Gilbert Monsanto in deviantART: http://gammaknight.deviantart.com/ 
Plus, check out the official site of Bayan Knights: http://bayanknights.blogspot.com/

I placed 7th in the Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for September 2011

I’m so happy to learn that one of my entries for the NCP PotM last September was able to place 7th in the photo contest.  This picture of the chef in action was taken at the Sutukil during our Mabuhay Manor photoshoot.  Our Mabuhay Manor photoshoot was really so worth it considering that my wife and I already received two free breakfast buffets and a free P1000 gift certificate at Sutukil which we won for the photo contest held after the photoshoot.

Thanks again to Sir Dingdong Sebastian, the former manager at Mabuhay Manor, for accomodating us and to Allan Benolarao for inviting us in the photoshoot in the first place! 🙂

BTW, here’s last month’s theme:

September Theme: At your Service
Description: Portrait of people who serve us everyday.

Finally, thanks again to Nikon Club Philippines for hosting this photo contest!

#1 on the "THREE” OTS NCP 3rd Anniversary Photo Contest

First of all I wanted to thank all of our friends who supported us during this competition!!!  We wouldn’t have reached #1 if not for all of you 🙂
BTW, here are the rest of the rankings (My wife reached #11, #14 & #15):
Thanks again to everyone especially to the NCP officers and the organizers of this contest!

My pictures placed 5th & 16th in the Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for July 2011!!!

Last month, one of my pictures placed 3rd in the NCP PotM for June 2011.  This month, two of my pictures placed 5th and 16th.  Yup, they are lower in ranking than last month’s entry but nevertheless I’m still proud that my entries were selected among the many great submissions by fellow Nikon Club members.

Here’s the description for July theme:

July Theme: Unusual Shapes  

Description: These are objects or images, that when seen on a different angle or perspective creates a different shapes, looks or images. Can be just a simple piece of object, a spectacle, structures or an edifices or architectures.

Here are my entries:

I won 3rd Place in the Nikon Club Philippines Photo of the Month for June 2011!!!

WOW! I’m so happy that my entry won 3rd Place in the Nikon Club Philippines (NCP) Photo of the Month (PotM) for June 2011!!! 🙂

Here’s the description for June’s theme:

June Theme: Saranggola ni Pepe.  

Description: Song interpretation of the song Saranggola ni Pepe.  

This is a song interpretation and not just the saranggola itself. The content of your photos need not require a saranggola in it but your own interpretation of the song itself. You could also portray on your photos some parts of the lyrics and not limit yourself on the saranggola only.  

Here is my entry:

And here’s what one of the judges had to say:

Related to the writer’s interpretation but with added meaning from the photographer’s point of view. It has very good composition and colors are blending well which also adds to the drama of the photograph. Overall sharpness is ok. If he intended that the flag be not as focused he could have lower the fstop a little to change the DOF.

Very nice words and oh so inspiring! Now I’m ready for the NCP PotM for July 2011 🙂