Colorful Sunrise

Last Saturday before 7am, I was happy to witness one of the most colorful sunrises I’ve ever seen.


“This isn’t the clown we’re looking for!”

Oh oh, Commissioner Gordon will be making a wrong arrest! 🙂



Anjalee & Burma at Auckland Zoo

Let us meet the two elephants at the Auckland Zoo, Anjalee and Burma. Anjalee is the younger of the two and she is just 9 years old.  Burma is 32.

Check out more info on Anjalee & Burma from the official Web site of the Auckland Zoo:

Anjalee 1Burma 1Anjalee 2Burma 2Burma & Anjalee

“Say cheese!”

Karekare Falls

“To the Bat Tub”

Auckland Day Fireworks

During last Sunday’s event, we made it just in time for the fireworks.