ToyConPH 2013 Day 02: Samurai & Villains

Here are some more of my shots of very impressive figures on display at ToyCon:


ToyConPH 2013 Day 02: Gallery of Cosplayers

Next to toys, ToyCon is all about the Cosplayers! Here are some of the ones that I took pictures of:

Cosplayers Mix 1

Cool-looking Robot!
Cosplayers Mix 2
Newest members of the Avengers?
Last but definitely not least (I’m a huge Batman fan!), here’s my favorite cosplay of the day:
The Dark Knight

It’s cool that there was a figure of Superman in the background, thus creating an unintentional World’s Finest shot 🙂

ToyConPH 2013 Day 02: Robots & Heroes

Upon arriving at Megatrade Hall, my wife and twin nieces were surprised by the long queue of people buying tickets to ToyCon.  For the past two ToyCons, we didn’t encounter long lines. In spite of this, and the heat, our enthusiasm for the event went unabated.

Once, we got past the gates, we roamed the halls while taking shots of toys and cosplayers. The twins were particularly excited since they know most of the characaters of the cosplayers.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

ToyConPH 2013 Begins Now!

The biggest Toy and Cosplay Convention in the Philippines is back! This would be the third ToyCon that I would be attending and I can’t help but be excited about it. My wife and two nieces are planning to attend Day 2 tomorrow. See you there! 🙂